About Me

Hello, my name is Alicia Alexander. For the past ten years, I have managed, designed and developed websites from scratch. I've had the opportunity to work for both the Baltimore City Government and the Maryland State Government.

I am always striving to grow as a professional. I enjoy learning. I am sharing both past and present skills below.

Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, LESS/SASS, ES6, Webpack, JSON, jQuery and AJAX

Frameworks: Bootstrap, React, Angular, Django, Flask

Server-side: Node.Js, Python, API, RESTful services

Deployment/Server experience: AWS, Heroku and MAMP

Database: MySQL and MongoDB

Tools: MacBook Pro, Terminal, Git, Github, NPM, Visual Studio Code Editor

Python logo icon View Online - Hosted on AWS Ubuntu EC2

This is a simple Django CRUD app with a built-in SQLite database. Add, edit and delete job vacancies. I did both the front-end design and back-end programming.

Languages and Tools used: Python 2.7.x, Django framework, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, AWS EC2 Ubuntu, Gunicorn, Nginx

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This a Django travel planning app. As a user, you can plan and add your own trips. You can also join the trip of other users.

Languages and Tools used: Django 1.11.10, Python 2.7.10, Gunicorn 19.7.1, Easy GitHub and Google User Login through Django All-Auth, Registration, Material Design for Bootstrap 4 Pro, HTML5 Video, Font Awesome.

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Travel Buddy App screenshot
*New React v16.3.1 code samples with Redux coming soon!!
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React Jewelry Store and Cart screenshot

This is a basic react shopping cart app and landing page demo for the small jewelry business, "Inspired Adornment.

Languages and Tools used: ReactJs, ES6, Webpack, NodeJS, ExpressJS, React Router and Materialize.css.

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2010 YouthWorks jQuery
Homepage Redesign
2010 YouthWorks jQuery
Redesign for Pre-Login Page
2010 YouthWorks jQuery
2010 YouthWorks jQuery
2010 YouthWorks jQuery
After-Login Benefits Screen
2014 Ventev banner
2014 Ventev Design